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CorporateGuru Services


We connect you with Mentor/Guru in related field for short-term or long-term duration who can guide you throughout your career.


We can help you with Resume Review and Mock Interviews which can enhance your chances of getting shortlisted for interview, prepare you well and enhance the chance of cracking the interview.


We conduct workshops for Senior School Students, College Students (Bachelors and Masters). These workshop are are conducted by experienced senior corporate professionals for large gathering (minimum group size of 20).


Group Discussion, Aptitude Test, Case Studies, Technical Tests. Get an Insider Perspective to Crack the Job of your Dreams.


We offer career counselling (group/institution or individual level) services.


We offer guest lectures for school (11th-12th) college (graduate/post graduate), and professional with vast area of expertise.

The Mentoring Services

The Mentor can support you in below areas. You can select one or more of the below services.

Career Planning & Skill Enhancement Advice

Do you have a career Goal but do not know how to get there? Or do you need acareer Goal clarity.A career planning advice can help you work out what jobs suit your interests, abilities and aspirations, then help you work out how to get it. This service will let you interact directly with those who are in the role that you are aiming for and understand what they do, how they do, etc.Skill Enhancement Advice can help you understand which skills you need, how to acquire those skills, where can you acquire those skills, how can those skills make you competitive and future ready, suggest free online courses, suggest any other skill enhancements that you need to do to pace up in your career.

Pre-Interview Advise on Industry, Domain, CompanyKnowledge (Informational Interview, Interview Advise)

Our Mentor, who is industry and domain expert, can help you know about the information and knowledge related to industry and domain that can enhance your knowledge and enable you to bebetter prepared for interview. Mentors can support you with information and knowledge like industry players, market shares, sales, industry happenings, new trends, etc.Also our Mentor, who is actual employee of that company can explain you about entire interview process, specific company tests, softer aspects, skills for that job, some do’s and don’ts during the interview, etc enabling you to be better prepared for interview and thereby enhancing your chances towards cracking the interview. (* Available where companies have approved).

Resume Review + Mock Interview

Not getting interview calls? Or not able to crack your interview? Our Mentor (who is employee your desired company) can help you with your Resume Review and can enhance your chances of getting shortlisted for interview. Our Mentor can also help you with Mock Interviews which can prepare you well for the interview and enhance the chance of cracking the interview.

Job Referral by Employee

Not getting interview calls? Or not able to crack your interview? Our Mentor (who is actual employee of that company) can refer you for the desired job in the desired company (after knowing you and interacting with you). Companies encourage employees to provide references of deserving candidates and give preference to referred candidates. So you will have a better chance of getting shortlisted for the interview and job.


How Corporate Guru Mentoring Works


Find Your Mentor

Search your Mentor in the area/specialization where you want to know more or by company name Select a Mentor whom do you think can best guide you.


Book a Mentor

Request for a session by giving 3 preferred times pay the amount as applicable instead of (if applicable)


Speak to Mentor

Interact with Mentor through a telephonic discussion, or chat or skype or face 2 face.


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“You helped me get the right start to my career. Today because of the right start i am a successful in my career”

Akansksha Setiya

“When i needed advice CorporateGuru was there to guide me through every step of he decision-making process. With their help, I managed to get back on track in no time.”

Mohit Dhiman

“I am so happy I chose CorporateGuru. From the initial consultation all the way through the my entry into the corporate world you have guided me to take big decisions.”

Bharat Chandra